I think I always knew my grandma was something special. As a kid, I’d spend weeks at a time at her house soaking up being the center of her world. There wasn’t anything she wouldn’t do for me. That hasn’t changed. Now, there are just more of us that she orbits around, loving and caring for.

Except, now, her body is giving out on her. 92.5 years old and her body has said enough orbiting.

It’s been hard to watch. Two weeks ago, we were picking beans together.

Friday, we celebrated my oldest daughter’s ninth birthday. Wren and I had run to the store to pick up a last minute item for her birthday celebration and as we walked back to the car, she reached for my hand and I looked over and saw the tears in her eyes.

“I’m just so sad that Grandma is sick.”

I squeezed her hand tighter and offered another way we could look at things. We could think about how lucky we have been to have her for so long. “Most people at Grandma’s age don’t do what Grandma has been able to do. We’re so lucky she’s been so active and a big part of our lives. I never even met my great grandparents.”

By that point, we had reached the car and were unloading groceries into the trunk. Wren stopped and looked at me.

“I just feel like nine years isn’t long enough,” she said to me, tears filling her eyes again.

I pulled her to me. “Thirty eight doesn’t feel like enough either,” I said.

Tonight, I’m reminded what a gift sharing our slices of life can be. Instead of looking through old photos, I went through my posts to relive and remember. My Grandma is a treasure.





Big Mama


These Two

A Pot Full of Macaroni

Nailed It

A Different Kind of Birthday

A Quick Visit

She’s Beautiful

13 thoughts on “Treasure.

  1. Beautiful, simply beautiful. There’s beauty in every piece of this slice. Here’s to grandma, 92.5 years, gardens and all that love! Let her know my eggplant are coming in fast and furious! xoxo


  2. Oh, my, what a lovely tribute. It is never long enough in this life is it? What a joy that you have had your grandma for so long, and your children their great grandma. (That Peppers post! Oh my! Well-written and haunting me about how scary that must have been!)


  3. It is an honor to read your post today. My eyes are filled with tears as I read the loving, honest, heartfelt exchange between you and your daughter. Then I felt happy seeing the long list of hyperlinks to stories you will ALWAYS have of your grandmother. I am so glad you wrote them down. What a treasure. Your grandmother, you and your family are in my prayers.

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  4. Thank you for the gift of this post. I am always sad at the thought that my daughters didn’t get to meet my beautiful grandma and all her wonderfulness. Please give that little Wren a tight hug and hold her close.


  5. I love this piece and the appreciation as well as sadness in it. As a (new) grandmother myself I find myself thinking about how long I will get to share in those beloved kids’ lives, and will I get to see a generation after them. So you are right to celebrate all you and Wren have had. And the fact that you have written 12 posts about your grandmother! Just lovely, and a great reminder about the satisfactions of this writing work. And memories put down to share with Wren always.


  6. All of these wonderful memories of your grandma… I’m so glad you have them preserved, Jess. She’s such a special lady.

    My grandmother passed away in 2007 and, oh how I wish I had blogged while she was still alive. That said, I blogged a bit about her afterwards, but it wasn’t the same as writing slices about life with her while she were still alive.

    I hope Wren will do some of her own slicing about her while the memories are still fresh. Your kids are SO lucky to have a great-grandparent!


  7. Oh Jess – hugs to you. I think I have known your grandma was something special almost since the first moment I started following your blog. I can remember stories about her even without clicking the links (though of course I clicked on some, just for the pleasure of rereading). It’s never enough time, is it? Give your girls extra hugs and make sure to save some for yourself. I hope your grandma finds peace in this moment, and that some it extends to you, too.

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