A Quick Visit

We make a quick stop

I promised we would,

To get beans from your garden.

We stand together at the tall bean plants lining the perimeter of your garden.

You explain to me how to pick the beans.

I listen and watch but I know. We’ve been doing this together for a long time.

“I plant the beans and then a corn and then the beans. They help each other.”

You’re so wise.

She opened the car door and spotted you asleep,

Chin raised in the air, still wearing your bathing suit.

You should have seen the way her face lit up.

“My peluche”

I wish I could bottle up that love.

11 thoughts on “A Quick Visit

  1. I had to look up peluche, but now I get it. It’s perfect. I love the wisdom and the love. Her beans and corn partnership goes all the way back to what the Native Americans taught the English colonists about growing beans. Your photos are great too.


  2. I love that last line (“I wish I could bottle up that love”) on the heels of the imagery of growing and harvesting the beans. Something about investing time to make things grow (beans and love) and then knowing you have them for later. So lovely.


  3. The way you listen to how to pick beans, even though you already know made my heart skip a beat. And the precious peluche in the damp bathing suit asleep in the car. This is love – all of this post is love.


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