Those are the numbers in my license plate. If you’re a lottery playing person, you might want to play those numbers. All the signs are clear…

Tonight, I had the pleasure of attending an event thrown by my friend Erika. Every year she hosts an event in honor of her mother, to raise money for a scholarship in her name. Tonight’s event was trivia.

I was sitting with Lynn and Faith-literacy coaches from our district, my friend Elena who teaches in our district, and Mary- a woman we all had just met for the first time that night and just seemed to click with. When we heard the categories for the three rounds of trivia, we weren’t feeling very confident. The categories were things related to Sweden, art and architecture, and fashion.

Each question Erika presented set us into fits of giggles as we brainstormed answers, second guessed ourselves, and offered ridiculous suggestions for the questions that we had no clue about.

By the end of the second round, we were miraculously in third place. As the third round began, we were less worried about the right answers and were just having fun. But then, in that final round, someone on the team seemed to be able to draw a semi confident answer for almost every question. We were on a roll!

As we awaited the final results, Faith said something like, “I think we should all play Powerball tonight.”

“It’s funny you say that,” I exclaimed. “I was visiting my grandma today and I told her about how a hawk had pooped on my car as we drove to her house. The girls thought it was hysterical. But my grandma said that means I should play my license plate number.”

“Listen to your Grandma,” Lynn said. “What’s your license plate number? I’ve been known to win my fair share of raffles. I’ll buy a ticket and if we win, I’ll share it with you.”

We ended up taking second place in trivia. Who knows what tonight’s lottery results will bring…

Either way, I’m already winning.

11 thoughts on “42519

  1. You have really captured the feel of our trivia event last night. I just loved the talking, the laughter, the way friends from different parts of my life were meeting each other and having such fun, all in honor of my mom. We were all winners last night. I feel like I’ve won twenty Powerballs being surrounded by people like you. Thank you for this post. I’ve printed it and added it to my trivia night folder.

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  2. I’ve heard about the bird poop being lucky and I’ve always just said that’s to make whoever got pooped on feel a little less grossed out. If you win, I’ll change that line of thinking! You always do such a great job intertwining important elements with current events. I love that about your writing.


  3. This post made me smile because you drew me right into your evening. The style made me feel like maybe we’d met up afterwards and you were telling me all about it. Your pleasure in the company of your friends, the sense of luckiness, really permeated everything. May you have many more nights where you win like this.

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