Cardinals Again.

I worked in the garden. A flash of red caught my eye. The usually shy cardinal was on the move. A nice surprise. I stopped to watch before getting back to whatever I was working on. A few moments later, the cardinal caught my eye again. “Strange,” I thought. Over the course of my time outside, I kept seeing the cardinal-usually hidden in the trees, visible and present.

A few days later, my Grandma went to the hospital, not feeling well. The diagnosis, the dreaded “c” word.

Is that why the cardinal had come?

Every day since, I have seen the cardinal-sometimes in a flash, other times for more prolonged and pronounced visits-hanging out on the string of lights hanging above our yard.

What are you trying to tell me?

I wrote this on July 28th. My Grandmother passed away on August 17th. If you’ve read my posts over the past year, you might recall that my uncle passed away from covid at the very end of 2020. I wrote about that and the significance of the cardinal back in March. Since that time, many people have shared their own stories either about cardinals or other signs that they believe to be from those they loved.

The day after my Grandma passed away, we had a scheduled meeting of my school’s writing group, Teachers Who Write. I didn’t go. But shortly after the meeting ended, I received a text message from Dawn, who had hosted the gathering.

We missed you today. Everyone sends their love. And we think a little love was sent to us…Came by not once, but twice!

7 thoughts on “Cardinals Again.

  1. I love Susan’s words “when you’re open to the magic, you receive it.” Reminds me of the quote from Graves that we used in our July meeting “It’s in the giving of energy that energy returns to us.” You received that magic, energy from Gram since you were a little girl and you follow here ways and give it all off to others — together, you and Gram are a gift to us all! xoxo

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  2. Your post caught my attention, because, cardinals. I sometimes attribute such sightings to chance, but more often than not, there is always something more. On Sunday, my husband heard a chirping as he watered the yard in the morning. Sure enough, it was a cardinal. That day was his mom’s birthday. She’s been gone for almost 2o years. I’m sorry to hear about your losses. How thoughtful of Dawn to share a picture of cardinal with you.

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