Hope For Humanity: #PB10For10

This is my fifth year participating in #pb10for10. Like many educators, I can’t resist books. I love the stories and the connections they help us make. Over the past few years, my 10 for 10 lists have featured books that help me make those connections with others. Books are such a great vehicle for conversation, opening our eyes to perspectives and worlds we may not normally see. As always, my own kids are my guinea pigs for the books I share with other teachers and with other kids. This year, so challenging in so many ways, we’ve also leaned on the wonderful world of children’s literature to continue to reimagine and hope for what it means to be human.

This year I had the honor to join 30 other educators, all with a passion for children’s literature, to share thoughts, ideas, and experiences with books on the Teachers Books Readers (TBR) Blog. Here are many of the titles I shared across this school year. Click each link to read my post for each title.

Your Name is a Song, written by Jamilah Thompkins-Bigelow and illustrated by Luisa Uribe

your name

Red Shoes, By Karen English

Bunheads, by Misty Copeland

A New Green Day By Antoinette Portis

Little People, Big Dreams Martin Luther King Jr. Written by Maria Isabel Sánchez Vegara Illustrated by Mai Ly Degnan

The Old Truck by Jarrett Pumphrey and Jerome Pumphrey

Image result for the old truck review

Dreams for a Daughter by Carole Boston Weatherford

My Thoughts Are Clouds: Poems for Mindfulness By Georgia Heard

Someone Builds the Dream by Lisa Wheeler and Loren Long

Perfectly Norman By Tom Percival

Perfectly Norman (Big Bright Feelings)

Here are my previous #pb10for10 lists:

2017: Picture Books to Inspire Writers

2018: Picture Books That Help Us Navigate What It Means to Be Human

2019: Still Navigating What It Means to Be Human

2020: For Humanity

5 thoughts on “Hope For Humanity: #PB10For10

  1. I thought I was pretty well read but I don’t know any of your picture books. So excited to check them out. I have never done a #PB10for10 list. Today you and Erika both shared. I need to get my list going. I guess I did list 3 on my post today. I also plan to share lots of Floyd Cooper books – so sad he passed away recently. Thanks for generously sharing and inspiring me.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The #PB10for10 lists are precious resources. I always find books to add to the classroom and school library. Thank you for your thought in putting your list together.


  3. I have a few, like The Old Truck authors’ book The Old Boat, on my list, and also enjoyed Bunheads. Thanks for the others, on my very long list!


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