OLW 2017

Joy. What better day to reflect on my One Little Word for 2017, my first OLW. The hour after Christmas has ended, awoken with round two of the stomach bug with my middle child.

Who knew where this word would take me? I chose joy in January and then started a blog all about it in March. I set out to find joy, questioning if it existed.

What I found was that it is always there. Hidden among the hard and challenging, I know that joy exists if I’m willing to see. Some days the seeing is harder than others, but this journey has forced me to notice the small treasures in a day. The bright sides, beautiful skies, and the conversations overheard.

I’ve experienced big joy this year. The birth of my third baby girl and all the happiness that a baby brings to a home. New relationships and bonds. Watching everyone settle into their roles. All the milestones to celebrate-the heartwarming smiles you get for just walking into a room. The way the whole day could be going wrong, but when I hold that baby close and we sway back and forth, slow dance style, nothing else in the world matters.

I’ve spread joy and been the recipient countless times. We started a # at school (#seshasjoy), we have an unofficial joy squad who gathers and share moments of joy via photos in our weekly newsletter for our staff. People take time to share their joy with me through hallway stories, text messages long after the school day has ended, and even in emails. Ideas that were tested out. Books that kids loved. Feelings of pride for planning and executing small group instruction.

My One Little Word turned out to be pretty big. I actually can’t imagine choosing another OLW, although I’ve been tossing a few options for sidekick words around. Who knows?

What I do know… there is joy all around us.

14 thoughts on “OLW 2017

  1. That was my word in 2016! I love that your word has dovetailed with so many of your school endeavors! I think choosing OLW is a habit I will continue and I even may already know my next word. I hope the stomach bug does not last long in your home!

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  2. You exude joy – in every single word. I imagine you will always do so, no matter which word you choose, for it bubbles up from your grateful, reflective heart. Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family!

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  3. Your slice shows your word so clearly which matches perfectly to how you also found this word hidden at times but always there. You just had to look. Then share it – love the # idea. But what I liked the best was your final photo, with Joy shirts on, too. Your attention to detail is amazing! And you reminded me of how much joy I always get from being with a new baby and just staring at their joyful face. Happy New Year!!

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  4. I love the positivity of this post. You found what you were looking for and spread it to others. This is my favorite sentence: “but when I hold that baby close and we sway back and forth, slow dance style, nothing else in the world matters.” I could smell that sweet baby smell and feel her warmth. Wishing you all the best in 2018.

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  5. This line stops me: “What I found was that it is always there. Hidden among the hard and challenging.”

    Beautiful and insightful. Thanks.


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