Conversations Overheard

Today, Wren and Adi, were playing in the basement before school. Fresh off a weekend of catching up after Wren’s first full week of kindergarten. The weekend offered a lot of time together in the yard complete with mud pies, searching for bugs, and bouncing on the trampoline. The compatibility continued into this Monday morning as they played doctor and gave each of their dolls and animals a careful exam.
As I was changing Rosie, I overheard Adi say to Wren, “I’ll miss you at school.”
Then later, when everyone was buckled in their carseats, heading toward school, Adi said again, “I’ll miss you today, Wren.”
To which Wren replied, “I’ll miss you too.”
After Wren hopped out of the car and made her way towards the school entrance, Adi’s voice once again came from the backseat. “Now I really miss Wren.”
While driving towards home, Rosie started babbling away. Adi interpreted. “She’s talking about Wren. She misses her too.”

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