Look at the Beautiful Sky

Yesterday’s sky, full of watercolor brushstrokes on my way to school. Grateful to have noticed.

When Wren was younger, I remember pointing out the moon and the stars or a beautiful pink sky either at dusk or sunrise. I wanted to teach her to see the beauty around her, to stop and notice. When Adi was born, life got considerably more busy. There were days I would put them to bed and reflect on all of the missed opportunities, the clouds I hadn’t pointed to and the moments that had passed us by.

Then a few weeks ago, we were in the car, driving to my Mom’s house to drop the girls off for the day. It had been a busy morning with many reminders to “get your shoes!” and “Is your coat on yet?” As we drove, my mind was somewhere else. Perhaps on the day ahead, planning lessons or maybe even dinner. Driving on autopilot oblivious to the world around me.

From the backseat I heard a gasp and then, “Look at the beautiful sky!” It was Wren. Her voice full of amazement, marveling at the rising sun against the horizon, lighting up the day. Right there in front of us. What a reminder from my girl to slow down and take notice of the wonder around us.

Since that day, as we turn the bend in the road-the one that reveals the coming day, the three of us take notice. The sun is coming up. The moon is going to bed. A new day has begun.

My first Tuesday Slice!

15 thoughts on “Look at the Beautiful Sky

  1. It truly is the beautiful, simple things that can bring a smile to our face or some happiness in our heart. You may think you missed some opportunities here and there buts it’s clear your children get it!


  2. I never tire of the many beautiful faces of the sky. I usually begin and end my day looking at it from our hall windows … the ones that face north and have never been covered with blinds. I love your closing thought: “as we turn the bend in the road-the one that reveals the coming day” Happy to see you on this Tuesday! πŸ™‚

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  3. I love your girls’ names – are you sharing yet what the new girl’s name will be? Welcome to the Tuesday slices! Yea!! It really does feel so good to keep writing, doesn’t it? So happy that you’re here. πŸ™‚ This was the sweetest slice.


  4. This slice reminds of a similar goal we had for our first daughter…and I recall a time when she took this huge breath in. I remember perseverating on some unimportant facet of life at that moment, but then looking at her, I asked, “What is it, honey?” All she said was, “Pink.” I turned around to behold the majestic sunset she was pointing at- all pink sky. Sounds like you had that moment, too. Love the way you describe the sky as “watercolor brush strokes.” Lovely πŸ™‚


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