OLW 2018

Last week, I reflected on my first One Little Word for 2017, Joy. I spent the week thinking of a word for this new year, 2018. My mind kept coming back to admire. Life can get really busy. Since going back to work in October, I’ve used the word “surviving” often to describe our day to day existence. Rushing from home, to drop the kids off, to work, to pick ups, and then home again to get ready to start it all over again. Some days, when it’s finally quiet, at least for a few moments, I sit back and wonder what I’ve missed-what have I not really seen?

In 2017, I learned that joy is always there if I take the time to notice. This year, I want to focus more on slowing down to take the time to admire the things, people, and just the life that is going on around me. I also want to share what I see with others-take the time to let others know that I see them.

As a classroom teacher, I loved the way a child’s face would light up when I offered a small reflection with them. “I noticed you really worked hard on that” or “Wow! You’re really growing. Look how far you’ve come!” I want to give more of that to the world-to my own kids, to the kids at school, to the teachers I work with, and to my family and friends.

So my one little word for this year is admire. To regard with respect or warm approval. To look with pleasure. I’m excited for what I will see and learn.


9 thoughts on “OLW 2018

  1. What a positive OLW! I imagine that shifting your focus to admire will effect your worldview in wonderful ways. We seem to find what we seek, and I look forward to reading what you find along your journey this year.

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  2. I “admire” how you want to notice so you picked a word to help you do that and it is such a POSITIVE word. I predict that both you and those around you will be energized by all the admiration you share! Happy New Year and Word!!

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