Friday the 13th

Friday after school, I had an important date. Rose was scheduled to get her first Covid Vaccine, after officially turning five earlier in the week. And after a few teary moments in Walgreens, Rose and I were waiting in line to buy a small toy, a reward for her bravery. I had been texting Arnauld, to keep him updated on our status, so he could get dinner ready for when we got home.

As Rose and I waited in line, Arnauld texted again. He was sorry to tell me that Moose, one of our 12.5 year old dogs wasn’t doing well. Over a year ago now, Moose had a seizure, and at that point, we thought it was the end of his road. You can read more about that here. But somehow, he rallied. Was this going to be it for real? The rest of Walgreens and the ride home was a blur. I was anxious to get home and see Moose for myself.

Needless to say, the mood of the weekend took a dramatic turn as Arnauld and I whispered about what we should do about our poor pup. These conversations are never easy. As Moose lay resting pretty peacefully, we took the girls for a walk in the neighborhood.

As we neared the end of our road, we saw a neighbor and her son, out delivering invitations to our upcoming neighborhood block party. We took a stack and went to work stuffing mailboxes. The girls had so much fun and when the stack ran out, they wished we had more.

When we returned home, spirits were high again. I sent the girls upstairs to clean up and get their pajamas on. Adi returned a few minutes later, complaining that her throat felt itchy. I coaxed her into taking some allergy medicine and didn’t think much more about it…until the girls were getting ready for bed. Adi appeared with a handful of tissues, all of a sudden really stuffy. I went to the hallway closet and pulled a box of Covid tests from our stash.

Adi had Covid.

Two years living in a pandemic and Covid got us, despite all of our best efforts. I had a few of my own teary moments, feeling like I had failed.

I’m not usually superstitious, but I couldn’t ignore the fact that the date was the 13th and it was Friday…

A small update. By the end of the weekend 3/5 of our family has tested positive for Covid. Just today, my husband tested positive. That leaves Wren still standing. After a really rough Saturday of not eating and not even getting up, Moose perked up for pancakes on Sunday and once again appears to be rallying. He’s not ready to leave us just yet! Thanks to Covid, we have lots of extra time to spend with him right now.

8 thoughts on “Friday the 13th

  1. It seems like Covid is finding all of us these days, in spite of our best efforts to avoid it. Hope it is a speedy recovery for all of you and that Moose enjoys this extended family time!


  2. Love that you can spend time with Moose. That’s a silverish lining, although I’m not really subscribing to the silver lining mentality. Feel better! I completely understand the tears.


  3. Well, you all are strong and will come out of this stronger! At least the weather is cooperating for you and you can get outside! Hang in there — miss you!


  4. You had a very tough Friday the 13th! I love the way this story unfolds – and really appreciate the update. We, too, just had COVID break into our safe little ‘pod’ of two plus years now, with my son getting COVID a week ago. So far so good, with very strict isolation, no one else has tested positive – but, my goodness, don’t we all feel sympathetic symptoms! All the best to you; enjoy these days with Moose.


  5. If ever there was a silver lining to having Covid, getting to spend extra time with Moose, who is doing better, is it. I’m glad Moose is getting extra snuggles and play time with all of you.
    No doubt, you’ll always remember these days when you’re quarantined at home with him!


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