I remember playing pretend as a child. It was my favorite thing, whether I was playing with my sister or friends in the neighborhood. Someone was always the mom. Sometimes we lived in the woods. Other times, apartments. I remember my mom asking, “Can’t you just play? Why do you always have to say, ‘let’s pretend’?” But those details never bothered us. Playing pretend meant we got to be someone else and live someone else’s life, even if it was just for an afternoon.

Those moments of pretend play came back to me this past week. I was attending a virtual institute and had the opportunity to work from home for two days. Because the institute started later in the day, I woke up without an alarm, got my kids ready to school without rushing, and walked them to school. I dropped Rose off at my mom’s and then headed back to the girls’ school to read a story to Adi’s class. I had never even stepped foot into their new school, so it was such a treat to see their school and see Adi so happy amongst her friends there. The stars aligned and I was even able to help her pick our plants at the Mother’s Day Plant Sale, right alongside other parents who got to stop in during the day. I got to pretend this was my routine, a mom working from home.

I glanced at the clock as I headed home from the school, realizing that I still had a little time. I stepped into a quiet house, somewhere I’m rarely alone. Before I settled into my makeshift workspace at the kitchen table, I filled my water bottle and poured a fresh cup of coffee.

When the institute broke for lunch, I threw in a load of laundry and took a cue from my husband, who worked from home for nearly two years before shifting to a hybrid schedule. I popped in my earbuds, turned on my audiobook, and took a walk around the neighborhood, soaking up the sunshine. I smiled to the other people out walking, pretending once again that this was my normal routine.

Playing pretend will never get old.

9 thoughts on “Pretend.

  1. I remember SO many pretend plays growing up…I was always Maria when we played ‘pretend we were in the Sound of Music.’ haha Pretending is a great way to look at things you do not normally get to do. I love your idea. I’m going to pretend I am a published writer as I write my slice for today.

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  2. This not only feels like such a liberating day (I’m having a lot of liberating afternoons this year, too!), but it’s also really well crafted. The beginning frames that rest of the slice so well, because it makes you seem both like the wistful adult and the kid from way back…at the same time. It’s like that Sandra Cisneros birthday story, Eleven, where she tells the reader that when you’re 11, you really also still the 10, 9, 8, 7…etc. self from your past. You can count back from any number, and it still makes sense.

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