New friends.


we knew the neighbors well

The robins who always built a nest

under our kitchen window

The elusive cardinal

The bossy bluejay,

chasing squirrels away

high up in the treetops.


eyes wonder,


Who are these neighbors?


already digging in the pots by the pool.

you will cause mischief.


holding morning meeting on the front lawn.

What news do they share?

Where do your nests hide?

A cardinal pair makes an occasional visit

The bluejay,

bouncing low,

are you too bossy?

New house

New neighborhood

New friends to meet

11 thoughts on “New friends.

  1. There is a calming charm to your poem. It feels very personal and gentle in tone, familiar and friendly. It’s the “I see you’ piece that allows us as readers to join you in focused observation of your new surroundings.


  2. The wonderings about wildlife are fascinating. I like how you personify them with their quirky little personalities and human like ways. Those blue jays are bullies through and through, but sometimes comical when we take the time to watch.


  3. I bet you miss those squirrels from your old house. I know soon enough you will find a creature who can make an appearance in a post or mentor text. I love the morning meeting on the lawn- that’s happening here!


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