I’ve been waiting for this…

Maybe it’s because all of her toys are still packed…

But tonight, after I emerged from the bathroom, three curly heads desnarled, this was the heavenly sight I saw.

Her sweet voice echoed through the hall, fluent with attempts at intonation, trying so hard to get the dialogue just right.

Adi’s in second grade and until recently, getting her to read at home hasn’t been the easiest. She’s always been a strong reader who just doesn’t really like to read. My literacy loving heart had begun to reckon with the fact that maybe she never would. I didn’t push her.

Then, as we transitioned to our new house, spending a few weeks at my parents’ house, I noticed Adi picking up books for pleasure. While my insides were jumping for joy, I played it cool, barely acknowledging these new developments for fear of deterring her.

Tonight, my mom brought over a bag of Magic Tree House books, an abandoned collection from another grandchild I’m sure. Adi’s face erupted into a smile when she saw the books and she could hardly wait to line them up and make a plan for reading.

I’ve been waiting for this. In my heart I think I always knew it would happen. It’s true for most kids…when they find just the right book…

It was worth the wait.

10 thoughts on “I’ve been waiting for this…

  1. There is nothing as precious as a child’s excitement fir reading when it comes. If it’s not there, we can’t force it. But when it is there, we can’t stop it! Blessings on this reading journey – she drew a treasure map using books on the bed!


  2. Moments like that are sooooo worth the wait! (As the mom of a kid with Dyslexia, I practically danced around the room when I started noticing this.)

    This is definitely something to be thankful for!


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