Too soon.

Somehow, the woman who bought our old house found me on Facebook. She wrote to share her story and tell me how much she already loved our little house. Her words reassured me that we left the home in good hands. I was relieved.

Somehow, her Facebook message led me to sharing my phone number. “Text any time!”

She took the invitation this past Saturday when she texted to let me know some of our mail was at the house.

“How did that happen?” I asked my husband. “I had everything forwarded.”

“It’s the United States Postal System, Jess. What did you expect?”

This was how we found ourselves driving back in the direction I had been avoiding for a week and a half. Back to the street we called home, on autopilot. “Let’s park across the street,” I instructed.

As we approached the driveway, every crack familiar, I peeked into the garage. So many foreign objects.

Denise came out. “Want to come in?” she asked.

“It’s too soon,” I replied as she went inside to retrieve the mail. I looked around and the tears came. This place was home, a feeling I’ve missed for the last ten days. I soaked it up and composed myself before Denise returned.

We chatted in the driveway for a few minutes and then it was time to say goodbye. “Can I give you a hug?” I asked Denise.

My eyes swelled once more as I hugged this stranger who I now felt so connected to.

As we drove away, Arnauld and I talked about how good we felt about the whole process of buying and selling our homes.

Everything seemed to happen for a reason.

7 thoughts on “Too soon.

  1. I’m so glad you found her and that she is loving your little house. Anytime I’ve moved, I’ve moved far away, so my heart was with you as you hugged her. Here’s hoping your new house feels like home in the next few months.


  2. I like how you’re exploring this odd feeling of a feeling that occupies a space. I’m having a lot of that these days as well, a classroom that I don’t fully inhabit, and an upcoming Thanksgiving, where my family will gather in a vrbo. We’re testing the idea that it’s the people and the spirit, not really the physical space. Your connection will be evolving…


  3. The in between space you are living in — transition is it’s name is an odd place to be. Time will slowly allow you to let go, not forget, but let go and begin to create that same feeling in the new sweet home on hilltop!


  4. Anyone who has ever left a home they loved can relate to your emotions. “This place was home, a feeling I’ve missed for the last ten days. I soaked it up and composed myself before Denise returned.” You are so right…home is a feeling as well as a place. Have fun making your new house a home.


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