Touched my heart

Peter’s post, Better Toast, touched my heart today.

“Each of us here is missing someone important, a father, a mother, a sister, a brother, a husband, someone who couldn’t make the trip or someone who’s passed and left us yearning.”  

As I looked around our Thanksgiving table, indoors, in our new home, as opposed to out on our patio like last year, I couldn’t help but feel the missing. There were people who had been there just one year ago who are now gone. What would we have done differently if we had known that was the last time we would be together?

The season of loss has transformed to a season of missing, a missing that hits me at the most unexpected times, but is also always sitting with me. The missing is heavy.

Back to Peter’s words, “I’m grateful for all that I had and all that I have.”

Thank you for sharing your words and saying what you mean. Your words touched me today.

8 thoughts on “Touched my heart

  1. I always adore the way we inspire one another as writers.
    This season of missing is a hard one, Jess. I’ve felt it in your writing. Sending you comfort from afar as you navigate this time where so much has changed in your life.


  2. Thanks for the post about the post. I’m sorry it’s been such a season of missing. I felt the joy and the longing bumping into each other a lot this weekend. I also know it’s sometimes hard to express…or to know whether to express. It’s why I often prefer writing. I hope you’ll write about they other things that you were saying you were second-guessing.


  3. It’s hard trying to navigate the mixed feelings. We’re happy so many of us are together after so long, yet the heart aches for the ones we lost. We do know, however, they’re looking down from somewhere and reaching their arms out to us in a huge heavenly hug!


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