I See You…

Dear Adi,

Today you are seven. Sorry I had to break the news to you that, while seven is a big number, it is not big enough to drive a car or live in the house next door by yourself. I know that was tough news to swallow. You have big plans for this seventh year. That’s one of the things that makes you so special…you dream big. I hope you never lose that ability to think big.

Yesterday, I looked back at a video from when you were one. You were standing on your chair and every time I told you to sit down, you laughed hysterically. Not much has changed. You defy rules at home, but follow them to a t at school. While this usually leaves me exasperated, I’m grateful you CAN follow rules. I know your headstrong personality will serve you well in life-but in the meantime, feel free to ease up on us a bit.

Mimi thinks it’s great you were born on May 4th…As Dad and I drove to the hospital on the day you were born, I googled the date and said to dad, “she’s going to be a Star Wars Baby…May the fourth be with you.” You are certainly a force.

You have a tough shell, but beneath all of the “I don’t cares,” I see you and know you care about your family. I see your kind heart, even when you try so hard to hide it. I feel your love when you let me hold your hand or you follow me around, like a shadow.

I hope you know, I’ll always see you. I’ll always see your light and your love. Happy birthday my sweet and spicy girl.

Love You Always,


Here are two previous letters to this strong willed girl-each offering a glimpse into different stages of her seven years…never a dull moment.

5 thoughts on “I See You…

  1. You know your girl and this shines in this piece. Not only do you see her, feel her love, you know all of her and that is the love of a mother! Happy Happy Birthday to Adi, the goat lover!😘❤️😘


  2. A beautiful letter to your daughter! Not only does this capture her and all of what makes her special, it also captures what an amazing mama you are and how much you love and understand Adi. Happy birthday!


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