Surprise Visit

On Wednesday morning, I sat in my first in person PD session in over a year. We toggled between real life and presenters still on Zoom. It was weird. I took a break and snuck a look at my email. I had a message from one of my first grade distance learners, Hollis, who had gone back to school a few weeks ago. “Ms. Carey, Do you like flowers?” the message read.

I took another minute away from the professional development session, a smile plastered under my mask, as I wrote a response. I told Hollis about my favorite plants and my the plants I’ve been watching come to life in my yard. I asked her about her favorite flowers.

That afternoon, before leaving for work, another email caught my eye. It was from Hollis’ mom. Hollis had picked out a gift for me. She’d been waiting for teacher appreciation week. Could they come to my house to drop it off?

With another smile on my face, I wrote a response. I gave my address and phone number. I said, “Please call or text when you plan to come by. I’d love to see you!”

As I drove home, I called my sister to catch up. As I neared home, a call from an unknown number interrupted my chat. I dismissed it as a solicitor. It wasn’t until I pulled onto our street and saw an unfamiliar minivan in our driveway that I connected the unknown number to Hollis and her mom. As my phone rang again, I answered and talked to Hollis’ mom as I greeted her at her car door.

We laughed as she got out and opened the sliding door to reveal Hollis. I had to fight back the urge to hug her, instead I offered her a fist bump. We snapped a photo in the misty rain that had started to fall and chatted about first grade before Hollis and her mom retreated back to their dry car.

I stood in my driveway with my new beauty of a plant, waving goodbye…another cheesy grin plastered across my face.

6 thoughts on “Surprise Visit

  1. What a gift of a girl! This relationship you two have formed, through a screen, is spectacular. The way you have made her feel all year is what she will carry with her forever!


  2. I’m glad that Hollis and her mother went to the extra effort to show you that they appreciate your teaching and you. It is refreshing to hear the good news.


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