To My Middle Child… I still see you

Last year I wrote this letter to my daughter Adi, eight weeks before she would become our middle child. Yesterday, home together as a family of five, on another snowy afternoon, I sat back and just watched her playing and drafted a new letter…

You are growing.

Taller. You can now reach my shoulder. You are so proud.

Stronger. “Cause I eat food that is good for my body.”

Wiser. A reader. A name writer. A builder and puzzler. Explorer.

All of this growing and I’m most amazed my the growing of your heart.

The way you reassure your baby sister. “It’s ok, Rosie. Mommy will be right there. You’re ok.” Or how you held onto her while she sat next to you in the tub today. You were worried she’d go under.

The way you check on Rose as soon as you wake up, hopping into her crib to keep her company. To play. To read her books.

The way you try to keep the peace. Letting your big sister pick a show, even though it’s your turn. Settle on yogurt for dinner even though you had your heart set on scrambled eggs but you know Mom just can’t handle cooking tonight.

The way you ask for a hug when you’re upset or starting to feel out of control.

The way you didn’t hesitate when I asked you who you loved most. “Wren.”

The way you care about and pay attention to people. You know all about the things that all of your friends love and the things that make them sad. You love to share good news and laughs with all of the people you love.

The way your smile lights up the world.

The way you whisper back to me, “You’re my treasure too.”



13 thoughts on “To My Middle Child… I still see you

  1. You’re my treasure. Straight to my heart. What a great idea these letters. Thinking about her gifts, her growth lessens those bumps from parenting three young ones. Sweet thoughts.


  2. This is a beautiful letter. I love how you take the time to look at your middle child individually. It’s easy for a middle child to feel overlooked (I speak from experience), but I don’t think that will happen in your family. So sweet. 🙂 ~JudyK


  3. So simple yet packed with an abundance of love. It’s so important to sit and just see who they are in any given moment no matter how old they are! Agree with others that you have captured the gift of a memory with this slice! Thanks for sharing!


  4. What a beautiful love letter to your daughter. It captures so much about her but also about your love for her. That shines through in every word. You, she, this letter–all treasures!

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