Making sense of the world…

We are currently in Maine for a few days. My parents have a beach house that they offered to us and we couldn’t be more grateful for the escape and change of scenery. Somehow quarantining Oceanside has a different feel…my parents may need to use force to get us to leave.

Today was our first full day at the beach and we didn’t miss a second of precious beach time- it also helped that the temperatures were at least 10 degrees cooler on the beach on this scorcher of a day…The girls were in the icy cold water before 9am and only came up for air and snacks.

After dinner, the tide was going out, so we headed back to the beach to look for treasure. As we walked along the shore, eyes peeled for sea glass, pretty shells, and anything heart shaped I spotted someone in the water paddle-boarding. “Hey! Look at that person out there!”

Adi and Rose adjusted their gaze to follow my pointing finger.

“Oh. He’s shipping,” Rose said nonchalantly and then returned to looking for golden treasure.

“No. He’s skiing,” Adi corrected Rose, confidently.

I kept walking, thinking about how my girls were using what they know to make sense of the world. My eyes were back on the sand. Noticing. Footprints. Shoe prints. Bird claws. Dog paws. All different shapes and sizes. Isn’t that what we’re all trying to to?

Make sense of the world?

10 thoughts on “Making sense of the world…

  1. Fabulous — “shipping”, “skiing”! What a beautiful moment you captured that many others may have missed — you captured simple conversation, a treasure in itself, and put it in the bigger context of the life we are navigating! Enjoy the getaway!!


  2. That looks so peaceful. A change of scenery really does give everyone a wider world to try to understand. I like shipping and skiing. It’s probably a good thing they didn’t say water boarding…which would have made sense, but…


  3. I loved this slice. I can picture you and your girls by the ocean. Taking Rose’s and Adi’s description of the person paddle boarding and using it as an example that we all are just taking to make sense of the world is priceless.


  4. MAINE: The way life should be.

    You’re so lucky to be able to escape to Maine right now. I love Maine in the summertime. I haven’t been since 2017. If I had a family member with a house there, I’d definitely take them up on the offer to use it.



  5. Beach is peace and joy. I am happy for you and your family for the opportunity to explore, play, rest, and discover on the oceanside.


  6. This, all of this. What a wonderful opportunity for you and your family. I can only imagine how different it feels during this time to be at the beach. What a great place to try to make sense of the world. Thank you for sharing this great slice of life!


  7. I love the way that you allow your daughters’ interpretations of the world to shape your own thinking. And I love that you are looking for “anything heart-shaped” – that’s a pretty good way to live in the world, and an excellent way to be in Maine. Enjoy your time there!


  8. So glad you’re away! Enjoy more exploring. I always think of you guys when I find sea glass. Now I’ll think of your girls when I see someone paddle boarding!


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