At the beach

I watch you at the shore

Your tiny body against the vast blue sea

I’m reminded how small we are.

I turn to face the sea of sand

Peppered with colorful umbrellas,

beach toys and people

No masks,

but I’m aware that everyone is keeping their distance.

For a second, I let myself forget our new vocabulary


social distancing


We are at the beach.

11 thoughts on “At the beach

  1. These are the moments we have to capture these days. We’re not marking time with weddings and graduations and parades, it’s the little moments, which you’re reminding us that we still have each day.


  2. Oh how vividly you ha e reminded us of the importance of those moments that let us forget what is happening around us, that help us gain perspective. Yes, we are at the beach. May this moment help you in the weeks to come.


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