We sat on the beach house porch, watching the rising sun settle in. We knew it would be another scorcher, the sweat already trickling down our backs. The girls balanced their breakfast bowls on their knees, each one lost in thought or just eating.

“My favorite time to see the ocean is the morning. It always glitters,” Wren shared out of nowhere.

All of our eyes shifted to see the glitter.

I pulled out my phone to capture Wren’s words. I always love when one of the kids notices something on their own. Adi’s recently been using the word beautiful a lot, to describe the sky, a particularly green lawn, or treasure found at the beach.

As I jotted Wren’s words, I found myself counting syllables. Had she accidentally created a Haiku? Not quite.

But later that morning, as we went inside to prepare for a day down at the beach, I jotted Wren’s words down on paper. “Come here,” I called to her. “I want to teach you something.” I quickly explained the structure of a Haiku poem and started drawing line breaks in her words to show her what I was talking about.

Wren caught on quickly and grabbed the marker I had been writing with, to try on her own. I watched her count syllables on her fingers. I offered a few suggestions, but she had her own ideas. She worked quietly for a few minutes before revealing her poem:

My favorite time

Is when the ocean glitters

In the mornings blue

14 thoughts on “Glitter

  1. What a fabulous poem! Wren is living like a writer! Seeing the ideas all around her and sharing them! How lucky is she to have you to seize a moment to not only teach but also show! LOVE IT WREN!!

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  2. Wow wow wow! This. Your writing is beautiful (thanks, Adi) from the start – I had to pause & sit with the idea of the rising sun settling in. Then the sensory description. And then… your girls, your family, the way observation, learning, writing and love wrap themselves together into a tight package – like a haiku. Jess, I know that parenting is not always perfect & that you capture specific moments for this blog. I know it’s not all like this, but – oh! – these haiku moments that you share are just incredible. Thank you.

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    1. You are so right. This was probably 3 minutes of our day. There are so many hard moments- moments I’m less than proud of. But then when they stop and notice, or find the beauty- it’s a reminder that some things are going right.

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  3. This has the wow that the last line of a haiku is meant to have. I thought the glitter would be the highlight, but Wren came up with the mornings blue…which is beautiful (as Adi would say) and also has that double meaning of “morning’s blue.” I’m envious of that poem. Even if that were the only good moment of the day (which I’m sure it wasn’t), it would have been a good day. Thanks for capturing this. Those girls are lucky to have you listening to them. It’s appropriate that you were in the land of Miss Rumphius when these “beautiful” words entered the world.

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