A Grateful Heart

Almost five years ago, on November 26th, 2013, my Dad had a heart attack at the age of 54. I’ve written about that day before. In the days that followed, as my Dad came home and began to recover, I remember Googling the name of the cardiologist that took care of him, that fixed his heart. I thought about writing him a thank you note, “thanks for saving my Dad.” When I didn’t find a definitive result fast enough, I let the idea of a letter slip, but never my gratitude.

Today, that same doctor took a camera and went back in to take another look at my dad’s heart. Today, I decided it’s never too late for a note of thanks.

Dear Dr. T,

This morning my Dad’s life once again rest in your hands. You went into his heart with a camera, looking for signs of trouble. I wasn’t at the hospital but I was glued to my phone, waiting for news from my mom and brother. Tears spilled over right into the pumpkin muffins I was busying myself  making when my brother sent a picture of my Dad being wheeled back for the procedure.

I watched the minutes pass, thinking about your instruments working within my Dad’s body. Praying every second that he’d make it out ok, that you’d be able to fix any damage you might find.

Just last night, I insisted my Dad stop by my house after a weekend in his favorite place in the world, his beach house in Maine. I needed to hug him, to feel his arms wrapped around me and to whisper into his chest, “just be ok.”

I once again cried when my brother finally sent a message, “He’s done. He’s good.”

I responded with, “What did they say?” Needing to know the details.

Knowing I’d need to hear it all for myself, my brother sent a video of you sharing news with my Mom. I watched a video of my Dad’s heart pumping on a TV screen as you declared, “Look at the thing. It’s perfect.” I didn’t have to see your face to feel your passion for your work, it rang out in your voice. So did your care for my Dad. I know I don’t have to tell you that my Dad’s heart is not just any old heart-something tells me that you don’t take your work or the lives placed into your hands lightly.

Thank you for taking such good care of my Dad.




11 thoughts on “A Grateful Heart

  1. What a beautiful slice oozing with thanks and love. I cried when you cried into those pumpkin muffins. I share in your gratefulness! Thanks for sharing a tender slice of your life! Go Dad!!!


  2. What a blessing it is to be able to share such great news about your dad. It sounds like he was in the hands of a good and caring doctor. Thank God for his healing. Thank you for sharing your letter with us.


  3. To hear of your dad’s heart trouble, his recovery and his clean bill of health now, I share your gratitude and relief. A bit of that is related to the fact that your dad and I are close in age and it is more than a little sobering to be reminded that we are often more fragile than we realize. A thank you note for the doctor in charge and also shared with your readers may give us all pause in the midst of our busy lives.


  4. Does Dr. T read this blog? It would probably be great for him not only to see the letter, but also to see that there are other people—you, for example—who also don’t take the lives placed in their hands lightly. This is a post that leads to many connections.


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