Labor Day

Labor Day weekend at our house means kickoff of fantasy football season. There aren’t too many things that my husband is into, but fantasy football is his thing. He’s hosted a draft at our house for the last ten years, all his buddies stumbling in with their laptops and beverages of choice.

This Labor Day Weekend, the draft party was on the calendar, along with a visit from Grandpa from Chicago. That meant three nights of rearranged sleeping positions, the big girls in our bed with me, Dad on the couch. Needless to say, after night two, we were all a little cranky.

So as my husband entertained his football buddies, I entertained the girls. We rode bikes around the block, cleaned the playroom, and swung by the farmers market.

Luckily, when we came home from the farmers market, the clear curb in front of our house told us the draft was over. Time to prepare for a family dinner to celebrate Grandpa’s visit- a second round of guests.

As Arnauld and I hurried to throw dinner together, Wren called from the living room, “There’s a lot of smoke outside.”

I looked up from the potato salad I was mixing to see a cloud of smoke moving across the backyard. “That’s weird,” I thought to myself. “I thought he was grilling the chicken, not smoking it.”

A few moments later, Arnauld was in the kitchen filling a bowl with water. “It’s really on fire,” he said hurrying out the back door.

I ran after him to see him splash some water on his beloved smoker that was bursting with orange flames right outside our garage. The girls were at my side, wanting to see what was going on. “Should I call the fire department?” I yelled from the door, not sure what to do. “How about the hose?” I suggested just as Arnauld also remembered the hose.

I couldn’t watch. I got the girls busy with something else and I went back to the potato salad.

A few minutes later, Arnauld joined me back in the kitchen. “Is it out?” I asked.

He nodded, back to hurrying.

“That could have been really bad.” I emphasized.

Arnauld just nodded.

A few minutes later Adi came into the kitchen. “We’re lucky that fire didn’t get really big. I’m glad it didn’t get on the playroom.”

“Me too,” I said. “I’m glad our house is safe.”

She then disappeared, back to whatever she had been busy with…only to return a few minutes later.

“Yeah, cause if it got on our house, then we’d have to sleep outside. And if it rained, we’d have to wear our raincoats.”

Thank goodness she has a plan. Hopefully, we won’t be needing to test it out any time soon.

6 thoughts on “Labor Day

  1. First off, glad you all and your home are all ok! Second, gotta love that little Adi who not only has a plan, but knows how to deliver humor just at the right moment. You used your writing to tell the story that would lead right up to that line so we could appreciate Adi’s delivery! Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Can relate to so many of the aspects in your story – fantasy football draft night, visitors and rearranged sleeping, very well cooked dinner… Liked the way your story built and then left me smiling. Thanks for a great read!


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