My husband and I  took the kids for a walk/bike ride this past weekend, the sun finally shining after what seemed like endless days filled with clouds. Neither of us had our phones with us…imagine that. The picture I wish I could have captured was my husband, pushing my six year old on her black bike with the pink training wheels as she sat hunched over the handle bars in “exhaustion,” her fluorescent unicorn helmet weighing her down. All the while, my husband was carrying a second bike. This one a bit smaller, white with pink wheels and a flowered basket. He had it propped up on his shoulder, almost like a 1990s boombox, as if it was no big deal to be carrying a bike while pushing another.

Meanwhile, I followed behind, pulling our Radio Flyer Wagon filled to capacity with one pouting four year old and a giddy toddler wearing a Frozen helmet a few sizes too big. I had a case of the giggles as I pulled, imagining what we must have looked like to the cars passing by on the busy road we traveled.


11 thoughts on “Snapshot

  1. Love that you didn’t have the phones and your memory and words did all the painting! Such a fun moment in time that you captured! The image that made me chuckle was of course Arnauld with the bike as boombox! Thanks for sharing and making me laugh!


  2. Oh – your slice brought back memories of the days that seemed endless, but were so fleeting when strung together. May you have many more technology-free outings with your family! Your husband is a true rock star and that’s exactly how I pictured him!


  3. Those are the moments that matter; the ones captured in your mind. I love this; not everything needs to be photographed to have value. Without having to see it; I just used my imagination of the family walk. Great post; brought back a lot of childhood memories


  4. Better than an Iphone. I think this is just what slices should be. I haven’t found the restraint or the eye that you have in this post. It’s brief, but it does just what a great photograph does. It freezes a moment that you want to hold. It’s inspiring.

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