10 minutes.

My kids are at camp and while I’ve longed for quiet, I don’t know what to do with myself. I run a few errands and find myself back home with an hour to kill before pickup. I’ll clean the bathrooms I decide.

As I scrub the toothpaste from the sink in the last bathroom, I remember a recently reorganized box of oil pastels I had carefully placed back in a drawer in the basement, after another cleanup session. Suddenly, the oil pastels were calling my name. I quickened my pace in the bathroom and glanced down at my watch. I had ten minutes.

I ran down to the basement, happy to see the oil pastels untouched, waiting for me. I grabbed them along with a sketch pad and pen and headed out to the pool.

The previous homeowners had left gigantic pots and during the winter months, I kept dreaming of how I would fill them when the warm finally returned. Every time I purchased plants, I found myself having to return to the store to buy more. I wasn’t quite sure what we needed. The results were a random rainbow of colors that make me happier than anything I could have planned.

My pen moves quickly, I’m eager to add color.

Ten minutes was all I needed.

6 thoughts on “10 minutes.

  1. Nice. I love that you found time for this between all things that have to get done. Maybe you can give yourself ten minutes with the oil pastels more often.


  2. The creative process called and you answered. Time well spent appreciating your colorful arrangements. All it takes is 10 minutes to sit, see and appreciate. Imagine if we gave all kids those 10 minutes in school!

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  3. Your painting g is lovely. Like you, I enjoy random pops of color, but I’m limited in terms of what will grow in our area. Still, summer colors bring me joy, too.


  4. Maybe my favorite part of this is that you weren’t deterred – you had ten minutes & you used them. So often, I ignore the longing of my heart because I decide I don’t have enough time or something else gets in my way. This post reminds me that a lot can happen in a short time.


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