Last Day Tears

This afternoon, I called home to check on my kids after their last day of school. I spoke with my husband who said, “I felt kind of bad for Wren. She wasn’t coming down the steps after school, so I walked up. She was just standing there with tears coming down her face and her teacher’s arm around her.”

My mind flashed back to my last day of sixth grade, my own face full of tears, hugging my beloved teacher on the sidewalk in front of the school. I knew exactly what Wren was feeling…not wanting something good to end. Not wanting to say goodbye to the people that had become such a huge part of your life.

I write about this often, the impact of a teacher. It’s been so interesting and amazing to watch on the other side now, as a parent. Teachers and their relationships with their students are everything. At dinner, when Wren shared that she had cried a little at the end of the school day, I smiled. It’s ok to be sad when something you love comes to an end. I’m also grateful that my kids had the kind of school year and the kinds of teachers that they will miss. The mark of a great school year in my book.

9 thoughts on “Last Day Tears

  1. “It’s ok to be sad when something you love comes to an end.” How true – and how lucky to have loved in that way. I’m so glad that your girls are having this experience with school.


  2. I can just picture Arnauld going up those stairs towards Wren. It’s so special that she and her teacher had that relationship that she valued so much. Here’s to tears of thankfulness.


  3. It’s ok to be be sad. Get a little sad at the transition of very year. Your insight as a mom and educator takes you so far, my friend. I want to be a goat farmer and an artist. You will be so many things, my darling. Can’t wait to see.


  4. I TOTALLY understand where Wren is coming from. While I’ve never been in tears, I have had trouble parting from a beloved teacher. Heck, I dedicated my first book to my incredible first-grade teacher. Perhaps Wren will dedicate her first book to the teacher she adored this year.


  5. What a compliment to her teacher(s), to her classmates, to her – for such a beautiful feeling! It is truly a gift to cherish, to feel “not wanting something good to end.” This has been such a hard and stressful year for so, so many, it is joyous to read this!


  6. I’ve been the teacher crying when beloved students move on. I totally understand how her teacher felt, too. Being beloved? There’s nothing like it!


  7. We have all had those teachers that influence us and stay in our hearts forever-the ones we go back to visit later. So glad that your daughter experienced this also.


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