Kid day

“Ms. Carey, do you know how there is Mother’s Day and Father’s Day? In our house, we have Kids’ Day,” one of my first graders shared recently.

Genius I thought. Why isn’t there a Hallmark holiday like Kids’ Day?

We know all of the ways that this last year has been hard on adults.

Kids’ lives have also been turned upside down.

Kids have missed friends and family

birthday parties, sporting events, and celebrations



dance recitals…

Kids’ have missed a typical school year

Every day routines

Seeing their friends’ smile

Hugging people outside of their home.

Kids have missed playdates and carpools

Playgrounds and public swimming pools

A year’s worth of recess.

I’ve marveled at kids’ attitude during this pandemic.

I’ve been amazed by all the ways kids have adapted…

with love and grace.

Kids are remarkable.

So, today,

one year later,

I’ll be celebrating every kid I see.

Happy Kids’ Day!

13 thoughts on “Kid day

  1. I used to ask my mom when I was a kid why we didn’t celebrate kids’ day. She always told me that every day is kids’ day. I agree—until this year. You’re so right, they have lost so much. I love the idea of honoring our most resilient little humans with a Kids’ Day!


  2. Tue. I think that in Japan they do have a holiday called Kids Day (or something like that). It’s true that this year has been a year when everyone has had to make huge sacrifices and adaptations.


  3. This is just the recollection of our faithful time that we should take to heart. Celebrate kids’ day. As the kids return to school in a couple of weeks, I hope we will celebrate kids’ day.


  4. I love this! This weekend we watched “yes day” on Netflix. It was cute & silly & just what we needed. Kids day makes me think of this – because we all need a little celebration right now.


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