There is a shy cardinal who lives in our yard. I think he’s my Grandfather-or maybe a messenger from my Grandfather who passed away 16 years ago.

I’ve always believed that birds deliver messages or signs from somewhere else, from others. This shy cardinal can be seen on the branches of the trees that line the perimeter of our yard. Since we have placed a bird feeder on our kitchen window, I’ve observed the cardinal make an appearance, always flying off without taking any birdseed.

When my Uncle passed away at the end of December, I took comfort that my uncle and grandfather might be reunited.

On January 12th, I left school right after dismissal. I was meeting my family at the my uncle’s favorite spot at the beach. It was his birthday.

As I walked to my car, a spot of red caught my eye in a tree across the parking lot. A closer look and I saw two cardinals, perched in the small tree together. I reached for my phone in my pocket, hoping to catch a picture to show my mom.

But, in the blink of an eye, the cardinals were gone, nowhere to be seen.

I’ve never seen a cardinal while at school and now, every day when I leave, I look for them again.

17 thoughts on “Cardinals

  1. You are just the kind of person that would receive a message and be open to noticing it. Those brilliant flashes of red, just there for you in the moment you so wanted to see them. Taking that moment to honor those loved ones in that flash, I can see. Even if you didn’t capture it with your phone, you captured it with your words.


  2. They will come back! It’s so strange but today I had small birds on my front porch when I came home and I thought of you. Then you wrote about them.


  3. A beautiful post about looking for signs in nature as messages from loved ones. My family taught me to never hurt moths for that very reason. When I see them, I do not think about potential holes in clothing. I think about an ancestor visiting to say hello.


  4. I feel this very much. I also associate a cardinal with my father in law. It’s weird and wonderful when I see one, just before or after something that involves a conversation about him.


  5. I agree 100% with you! Two years ago when my dad passed away, a bird comes and visits my mom everyday at 5:00, the time my parents would have their afternoon Greek coffee together. The bird flies to the window, taps the window a couple of times, flies up and down the window, then remains at the window for a few minutes before flying away and returning the next evening for their coffee time.

    I am grateful for the sign and happy you are receiving signs from visiting birds also.


  6. We have many cardinals on our farm, but we know a couple of them that are always close, sitting on the Rose of Sharon bush or the banister. I encourage my boys to see them as many of their loved ones who are gone.


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