In March, I wondered if you would make it…

Dried gray leaves, remains from last year’s blossoms.

I brought out the scissors, attempting to give you a trim,

persuade you to come back to us.

Slowly, you began to show signs of life,

Fresh green leaves sprouting among the gray…

more green, day after day.

Your soft calming scent floating on the breeze.

Soon, your flowers came, inviting the bumble bees.

At first just a few, each day more and more…

and then the honeybees.

Did your wafting scent bring them here?

I sit here, watching the busy, yet calm work of the bees.

Grateful you came back to us.

13 thoughts on “Lavender.

  1. Wow! What beautiful piece to the lavender! Watching nature sure does make us wonder! It’s always a source for a slice! Great word choice – sprouting among the gray, wafting scent, busy yet calm work of the bees — simply beautiful!

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  2. Well, this gives me hope. I’ve been watching the bees recently too. I love the way you said busy yet calm. It fits. They are certainly not resting, but there is a methodical purpose in their way. I’ve found myself taking pictures of the bees as they scuttle over the hydrangea blooms in sort of random routes that probably aren’t random at all. I love the way the gray of March has transformed to the purple of July. I hope it means we’re all coming back to life.

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  3. My lavender is blooming beautifully this summer and your lovely poem is a deep reminder that what seems gray and lifeless can rise again with the right nurturing and time. Thank you for a lovely poetic metaphor.

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  4. I have lavender in the plot out front and it is thriving this year. Yours look fabulous. Isn’t it amazing how these lovely plants return to us each spring and summer?

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  5. I love lavender and you have captured its appeal perfectly. Whenever I walk past a plant in someone’s yard, I run my hands through it and savor the scent all the way home.

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  6. How you wrote about the evolution of your lavender plants starting in March makes me feel about how we have transformed since March. Your piece makes me see the light at the end of the tunnel and the peace that will hopefully come from that.

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