19 thoughts on “Breathe

  1. The beach is a peaceful place to be these days. We talked about taking a road trip to visit the ocean, but it was a little cold.

    The repetition and decision to leave out punctuation is powerful. I hope you use this poem to inspire writers in your world.

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  2. I am noticing that “breathe” is becoming a common topic … even my principal included it in a text update. Your poem breathes, itself. I especially appreciate the affinity with the ocean … the continuity, and being a healing place. That photo – so beautiful – would love to be there breathing the salt air, myself.

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  3. A micro poem with the perfect sense of rhythm and release…like the ocean, like life, like breathing. Just what I needed this morning.


  4. This is EXACTLY where I want to be right now, breathing in big deep lungfuls of salty ocean air. Thank you for the virtual seaside moment this morning!


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