Seize the Moment

I don’t have a slice.

My bank is empty. My tank is empty.

These are the words I texted to Dawn after a long day of Google Hangouts, stealing moments to teach my own kids, feed them lunch, snacks, and lollipop bribes. One missed opportunity to get my two year old down for a nap.


Cool paper.

Classical music.

This is Dawn’s response.

I grab a pot of flowers that are no longer fresh and invite my rambunctious kids to sketch. They oblige. For a few moments, we sketch and the calm music fills the air and our minds.

I thank Dawn for the idea. The slice.

Her response:

And that is living like a writer – creating, seeing, and seizing the moment!

May we all be so lucky to find the people that fill us up.

11 thoughts on “Seize the Moment

  1. I can feel how you relaxed. So good to have a friend to reach out and get some helpful advice. The days are hectic and creating calm is so important. And your friend’s idea of living the life of a writer is spot on.


  2. It’s perfect that you didn’t write about flowers but the person who planted you in front of them. I have been begging my family for ideas every night at dinner. They are being very tolerant of my empty bank and tank. I love the notebooks that the girls have.

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  3. I love that you have a writing buddy who brims with ideas. And I love that you wrote about the struggle and the resolution here. And I love that you invite your girls into a creative life so often.


  4. I love the balance in this piece between the frantic stolen moments to teach your kids (right there with you!) and the calmness of the moments you captured here.


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