#OLW Swap 2020: Embrace

I spent most of the day, December 30th, with my core group of friends I made growing up as a teacher in the district where I work. Elena, a fellow slicer, was in the mix, but between all of the adults catching up and the fourteen children running around, we didn’t really have time to chat with each other.

When we got home later in the afternoon, Elena and I must have been on the same wave length, because we both ended up on WordPress, reading and drafting our own end of the year OLW reflections. We ended up texting, catching up, reflecting.

Elena texted, “My 2019 word was Embrace. It might suit what you’re looking for in 2020.”

We chatted for a few more minutes but I was left thinking about our conversation for the rest of the day. Could embrace work for me for 2020? I had originally thought about “present,” to work on being in the moment, but could embrace encompass this? Embrace the moment, embrace the “bright spots” (another borrowed phrase from Reflections from a Coach), embrace my work, and embrace my loved ones. Embrace whatever comes my way with patience, strength, and joy?

2020 feels like it could be the year of the OLW Swap. Erika is trying on my OWL from 2019, pause. And I will take on Elena’s…

It’s growing on me and makes me feel light… like I can take on the world.

Embrace it is.

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