Pause 2019 Reflection #olw

Pause. It was my One Little Word for this year, 2019. Upon immediate reflection, I feel like I failed my word, the mission behind it. So many moments spring to mind that I should have paused…longer, harder, more fully.

What did I miss in the business that seems to consume my days? Could I have given more if I pressed pause on certain things to give my attention to things that maybe mattered more?

I’ve been reflecting a lot of work/home life balance lately. You always like to believe that your work matters, but I know that if I were to leave my job tomorrow, my space and role could be refilled without missing more than a beat. The same can’t be said for my job as a mom.

I keep striving to press pause in moments with my kids, to be more present for them. While I haven’t yet thought of a word to guide 2020, it will somehow be connected to this and to my initial quest from 2019, to pause for what matters most.

13 thoughts on “Pause 2019 Reflection #olw

  1. While your 2019 word might have been meant for you to pause in the moment, I do think you paused. You paused each week to blog. You paused to help friends and coworkers who needed you. You paused, just not in the way you intended at first. But you paused and reflected on it and I’m sure you will pause again to create a word for 2020.

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  2. Pause seems like an incredibly powerful, meaningful word. Ensuring you take a moment to be in the moment is something I struggle with, and the focus on it would be difficult. But taking pause to reflect, to strive to continue being present… that’s wonderful and meaningful, too.


  3. Guess what my word is for 2020? I’m going to take on your 2019 word, pause. I really need to stop and listen. I need to stop and celebrate. I need to stop and think. I’ll take on pause and see where it gets me. My word for last year was becoming. I’m not too happy with my work on that one, but I’ll keep at it….as I pause.

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  4. First, I think you are too hard on yourself. Yes, you should feel you can always do better.
    But do celebrate all the times you did pause to reflect, help, listen.
    And yes, all of us can be replaced. But celebrate the unique spark you are able to give each situation, especially at work. Those around you are lucky that you pause to guide them!
    Second, I’m leaning toward the idea of pause and blogged about the homophone here/hear.
    I want to be in the moment – here…so I can hear, like a pause!
    Whatever word you choose, may it serve you well in 2020!
    Happy New Year!!

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    1. Thank you for this. I think was in an end of year funk when I sat down to write yesterday. Reading everyone’s reflections and goals for 2020 has me feeling full of hope for all that the new year could hold. I love to idea of here/hear. I am inspired. Thank you. ❤️


  5. Pause is a wonderful word. It’s something I need to do more. Pause made me think of “wait.” It’s also something I need more. Your comment about leaving your job is so brutally honest. Nothing makes you realize this truth that we’re all replaceable at work quite like retirement.

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  6. I read this yesterday, and commented – obviously I neglected to pause and hit post comment – oops. I do believe that if one leaves a job, yes, they can be replaced and work will go on. However, if one leaves a job, what cannot be replaced is the impact and imprint that one’s work leaves on people. In your role, you may not see the imprint you leave every day on people – you in your role make people think and that is invisible work. As others have said, and I agree, you have paused in celebration of the life you and your family are living each time you’ve written and shared. Reread you work, and you will see all your pauses. Now, onto embrace…:) Happy New Year, my smart, brave, hard working, kind friend.

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