I wanted to…

I wanted to write today. I had every intention of finding a moment of quiet and sitting down to write an idea that’s been replaying through my mind for months now.

But this morning my kids got hungry and they needed someone to make them breakfast. By 10am we had made pancakes and muffins, all worked out in the living room, given the baby a bath, and were ready to get out of the house- for sanity’s sake.

I wanted to write today. I dreamed of nap time for the baby and turning on a show for the older girls. Time to sit at the table to at least get out some ideas.

But Rose fell asleep in the car after a visit with Grandma and then we had to go Easter shopping with my mother-in-law…because it’s another holiday where everyone needs to buy the kids something more that we don’t really need.

I wanted to write today. Maybe a sliver of time to jot something on a napkin or on the corner of one of the million pieces of artwork littering every surface of our house.

But there was laundry to fold. Bags to pack. Lunches to make. Tomorrow is Monday. The week begins again.

I wanted to write today. “At bedtime,” I told myself. They’ll all go to sleep and no one will need a thing.

But Rose had other plans. It’s a teeth growing night. Popping two in one week wasn’t enough. Despite over an hour of rocking, her head bounced right up as soon as I put her down in the crib.

I wanted to write today. I wanted to settle in at my laptop, a cup of something warm to enjoy as I wrote and revised.

But my husband is working from home on our laptop, despite having spent the morning at the office… on a Sunday.

I wanted to write today. I wanted to feel like a writer who had time to craft and rework ideas, in a space that gave me inspiration.

Instead, I’m curled up at the bottom of my three year old’s twin bed- the only way she can fall asleep these days, typing this up on my phone…because I wanted to write today.

23 thoughts on “I wanted to…

  1. Your post reminds me of all the juggling, wonder and chaos of those long-ago days with my children. And frustration. I love how even though you wanted to write all day long, there’s still a tone of love and acceptance for all the other things going on. I fear I might have been a bit more whiny. You persevered and got the job done. Yay for you!

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  2. You wanted to write today…and you did. I think there are many things that make this a great piece of writing. Several have been mentioned above, the repetition, the flow, the long and short sentences, and “the tooth growing night.” I know this isn’t a craft thing, but isn’t anyone else impressed that you wrote this on your phone!?!? It would have taken me a whole day just to do that.

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    1. I’ve actually written quite a few of my posts in this spot… on my phone. I fear it may become my go to writing position. So if you even see me curled up in my office at school, typing on my phone… you’ll know why. 😬

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  3. My slices often don’t turn out the way they start in my head. I love the ending. You had me wondering with the laptop unavailable. Posting from a phone makes the writing even more challenging. Wonderful slice!

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  4. Again – writing on your phone! I’m pretty sure you don’t have one of those big phones – impressive, dedicated, and determined. Your life is super busy with lots of people needing you – they don’t know that you need you, too! But somehow, you persevered and got that writing done! It was a pleasure to read and reread. Thanks for sharing!

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  5. You wrote today. You wonderfully crafted the piece that allows the reader to see the various moments of your day, giving a glimpse of your busy life, so different from a writer who has hours to write. This shows that we don’t need perfect conditions to write a beautiful slice. Sometimes the best place to write is on twin bed and using a phone.

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  6. There’s so much to appreciate here – the flow, the careful word choice and rhythm. We see you working to make it all work and how all of that is working you. Not only did you finally do the thing, you produced a piece that is memorable and gentle and kind. I want to celebrate with you but also be quiet because maybe it’s your turn to also get some rest.

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  7. I love the rhythm of this piece and how incredibly relatable it is. As someone who’s written a few posts from my phone by my own daughter’s bed, I saw a lot of my own life in this piece. With a few tweaks, this could be an amazing children’s book!

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  8. What everyone said. Rhythm, form, phrasing and an overwhelming feeling that you gave yourself to each activity as they came, a feeling of love and of dedication to family – and to writing. This is really beautifully done.


  9. I am glad you wrote. You are thoughtful and talented and I love your work. Kudos to your dedication and getting real at the same time. Thank God for phones. Mine is by far the most useful tool! I wanted to write today- so I did! Yay you!

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  10. I love the repetition of “I wanted to write today.” It definitely happens like for me too. But then I say to myself, when I don’t write, I took the time to think of what I wanted to write about or noticed more throughout the day.

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