Spring is Coming

I wrote this poem with my five year old daughter, Wren, after a long walk in the sunshine.

Spring is Coming

Spring is coming.

How do you know?

The sun is calling us out to play!

Everyone is gathering,

The crocuses raise their chins to say hello.

The robin, in the field, stands in plain sight-

soaking up the light.

The daffodils are peeking out

and the wind is whispering…

We’ve missed you.


14 thoughts on “Spring is Coming

  1. I am a little bowled over and kind of emotional reading this. I feel the closeness of you and your daughter, your delight in sharing the sunshine. How excited she must be to write with you and have her words taken seriously. This gives me all the mom feels. Thank you, both!


  2. This is beautiful. I love all of the imagery, and it’s so sweet that you got to collaborate with your daughter to create such a fantastic poem. P.S. I love the name Wren!


  3. I love that you co-authored this with your daughter. What a way to encourage her as a writer. I love the line “The sun is calling us out to play” – it paints a beautiful picture. I am looking forward to the same signs of spring you write about. We have not seen many of them yet but I’m hopeful.


  4. My walk yesterday inspired me to write a poem too. How lovely that your daughter and you wrote this together. The images are hopeful — crocuses raising their chins –whispering winds. Well done!


  5. I think you call this poem an “apostrophe” poem, maybe? Addressing something that cannot answer. What a great idea! Evoking hope in all of us! “Raising their chins…” my favorite line. 🙂


  6. OH! I love that you wrote this together! I love the beautiful pictures of her writing and drawing! I love the crocuses lifting their chins! What a wonderful way to start my day. And I agree with DMSherriff who said that these should be framed. 🙂


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