Leaning in…


I joined the Slice of Life challenge after a friend shared that she had signed up. I remembered taking a Writing Workshop course in grad school and the way keeping a notebook made me look at the word differently. I’d suddenly be drafting as I was driving or doing some other mundane task. By the time my pen hit the paper, the ideas where already there and the words flowed freely. Then the class ended and despite a vow to continue writing, it wasn’t the same. I want to see my life through that lens again.

As I read other participants’ posts today, I was in awe of the communities of writers that exist out there in the world. I read about teachers who have done this for years, who have even made friends through this experience! I was most inspired by the teachers who have committed to the challenge along with their students. I would love to help foster the kind of writing community within our school that someday leads to this kind of work.

And then I saw a glimmer…I walked into a fourth grade classroom expecting to meet a teacher to do some planning. Instead, I walked into a story. A student reading aloud from his computer, tucked into the corner of the classroom. It wasn’t the story so much that drew me in, but the other students scattered around the classroom. Some sitting in chairs, others standing around the room, and one student even bouncing slightly on a giant red exercise ball (the benefits of flexible seating!). They were listening, leaning in even. They were drawn into the story being told by their classmate and everything else was still.

4 thoughts on “Leaning in…

  1. What a powerful image! I love that the students were so engaged with the peer’s story. It’s very powerful for them to be able to share their writing, which I think we find out ourselves as we participate in SoL:)

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  2. Isn’t that what it’s all about? Developing the kinds of communities where these experiences happen – with or without us being right there. I’m so glad we are writing and have joined the SOL Challenge!

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  3. Beautifully written. The thing about this wonderful writing community you refer to, that you are now a part of, is that we notice things differently this month. Would you have noticed the story telling by the student today if you weren’t part of this writing challenge? Probably. But, I contend that you – and we – notice things differently now. You took in each small moment of this experience as a writer. YOU are a writer.

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