If we could bottle this up…

img_0350I’m always excited to pick up my four year old daughter from preschool. It’s a guaranteed “Mommy!”, light up the world smile, and a hug. No matter what the day has given me up to that point or what lies ahead, that moment when she spots me step through the doorway or stealing a glimpse of her as she plays with her friends…I love it.

Today was no different, although as I watched her zip her coat to prepare to go play outside from the entrance to the classroom, I held my breath in case she was disappointed that her playtime was cut short. But she squealed with delight as she ran over and wrapped her arms around me. The hug was cut short as something caught her eye. “Mommy, guess what?!” she exclaimed as she ran to her coat hook and grabbed the infamous letter bag. She had been eagerly waiting for her next turn to bring home the bag, even anticipating which letter she’d have. Pure joy and excitement…brought on by homework! Can you imagine?

As we drove home, she brainstormed words beginning with R. Rat, rainbow, her favorite rabbit blanket. She requested to call her dad to tell him the news and see if he had any great “r” words. Then as soon as her carseat was unbuckled, she was running through the door to begin the hunt. Ripping through toy boxes, examining objects while naming them and making the “r” sound. Tearing through magazines, scissors in hand. Nearly two hours of pure homework bliss as she worked to fill the letter bag.

I am overcome with joy in seeing her excitement and love for all things related to learning and school. I wonder, will it last and can we bottle it up?



7 thoughts on “If we could bottle this up…

  1. What a sweet slice! I don’t have any children, but my niece and nephew share the same love of learning that your daughter has. I love having conversations with them about their day at school as they tell me every single thing that they learned!
    Great first post!

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  2. Welcome to the SOL challenge. I love your slice and exhuberence that your daughter shares. I have twin granddaughters and, yes, I wish I could bottle up that enthusiasm and joy. Looking forward to more slices from you.

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  3. I had the same wonder that you did as I read your slice. That pure, unmitigated joy for learning. What a beautiful thing to see. Maybe…….just maybe because it was related to real life? Finding things, artifacts, real life stuff that starts with the letter “R”. As her mom you will be her biggest advocate. Make sure her teachers know that she is in fact a voracious learner – never let anyone tell you different! Welcome to the SOL community!!! Can’t wait to get a glimpse into your 4-year olds life…as well as other great stories you will share.

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    1. Pure homework bliss – can we label her radiant? Did she find a radish? How about the rubbish? So many opportunities and you told this story so beautifully!


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