Sweet little house

This month, my third grade daughter is taking part in her second Slice of Life Student Challenge. It’s been so fun to see what she chooses to write about each day now that she is writing independently. This week, I was finishing up in the shower when I heard her reading a poem aloud to my husband. My husband seemed quite impressed and I couldn’t wait to read it for myself. I was really moved by her poem about home. Wren has always appreciated our little house and whenever we talk about moving, she always insists that it is just right for us.

I’ve had more and more appreciation for our home in the last year, as it really has become our everything. This week, we are on spring break and as people asked what our plans were, I could only share my goals for cleaning and straightening up our house. Our home, like many, has seen a lot more traffic and wear and tear in the last year. It’s hard not to notice the finger prints all over the walls, many a result of one of the girls’ favorite past times, playing “The Floor Is Lava.” I’ve been mentally preparing a to-do list for myself as I notice some other disaster, like Adi’s drawers…in desperate need to a clean out. We’ve already tackled a lot of the list in between various other adventures. It feels so good to bring a little order to things, even if it is only temporary!

As I read Wren’s poem about home, I remembered a draft that I wrote about our home during quarantine last spring. Here it is:

Sitting here, in my sweet little house, it’s easy to forget that many people out there are in the same situation. Many other parents are working hard to do their job, teach their kids, be parents, and remain sane.

Sitting here, in my sweet little house, I remind myself that not everyone is as lucky to be safe inside, away from germs and viruses. There are people that walk straight into what we are hiding from, people like my dad, an ICU nurse…and plenty of others.

Sitting here, in my sweet little house, I wonder how people who are all alone are coping. I wonder what the world looks like now and what it will look like in the future.

Sitting here, in my sweet little house, a house I once felt was too small, not good enough, not in the right neighborhood…I now realize is all we need.

8 thoughts on “Sweet little house

  1. Here’s to sweet, little houses. Wren’s poem is beautiful. It’s funny – just yesterday I was talking with Morgan about our dream of putting a small addition on the house. She said, “Why? I love our house just the way it is.” We are fortunate to have our houses and our children who appreciate our houses.


  2. Your sweet little house sounds just right. Your poem reflects that feeling. Thinking about the past year and all of its challenges makes all of us appreciate what we have I think (I hope).


  3. You captured how the perfect “littleness” of your house feels like a comforting hug for Wren and for you. I enjoyed the repetition of the way you began each line.


  4. This and Wren’s poems show a lot about how your family lives and what you value. Wren knows what matters, and it’s pretty clear how she knows it.
    I do think that our little homes grow much larger when we focus on who’s in it, and when we stop to think about the people who would do anything for a place or situation like we have.


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