Dear Wren, Adi, and Rose…

Dear Wren, Adi, and Rose,

Remember all those times, when I’ve sat you down and tried to explain, how some day, you will be everything to each other? I know it feels abstract and maybe kind of silly, but at the end of the day, you’re family and I hope that you’ll always be there for one another.

In the last two weeks, your lives have been flipped upside down. Everything that provides you structure and routine has been turned inside out…and you’ve (mostly) responded like champions. You’ve embraced our new homeschool at the kitchen table, dutifully completing your daily checklist of assignments. You haven’t complained about missing friends or asked why you can’t do all of the things you normally do. You’ve just accepted that, for now, this is our life.

You’ve stepped up in big ways, stopping what you’re doing to talk to family members because you know your voices mean a lot more to them right now. I’ve seen you all take on new roles, Wren stepping in to keep Rose busy and quiet while mom and dad work. Adi helping with laundry, and Rose learning to cook, perched on the kitchen counter pouring, mixing, and tasting.

I’m sure at times, I seem like a hypocrite. I warn you of the dangers of too much screen time, as I sit typing, talking, and reading away on my own devices. I see this too. I know to you, right now, that mom and dad are working from home, and you may not know what that really means. But we are so fortunate to be able to continue our work from home. I know that sometimes our work makes us stressed and less than patient with helping you with what you need and want us to do with you.

My brain is working overtime right now, trying to think about the best ways to make school work for kids, all kids, while they are at home. I know that sometimes that probably feels like I’m not working as hard for you. I’m doing my best. I promise I am trying to turn work off and be present for you. Sometimes that means sneaking in a writing conference between phone meetings, reading to you before bed, or taking a break to get outside for some fresh air and sunshine.

While we are all adjusting, to the way things are right now, I just wanted you to know I see you and I’m so proud of you. You’re leaning on each other and every day I’m so grateful, that through all of this, you have each other.

Love You Always,


12 thoughts on “Dear Wren, Adi, and Rose…

  1. They are champions because they have a mom who is a champion. They are flexible and grateful because they have a mom who is flexible and grateful. Families are learning to lean on each other in fresh ways and it’s obvious these three will know how and when to lean on each other. It’s a fresh week that will be full of fresh discoveries personally and professionally.

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  2. Beautifully written letter to your girls. Years from now this will show your caring and love for them and also serve as a record of this perilous time. I love how your optimism and hard work shines through! Thanks for this today.


  3. I’m sure it is hard for our kids to make sense of all that’s going on around them. Your letter is a wonderful way to pull the girls’ perspectives into the center and acknowledge both the challenges and the incredible successes of this brave new time together.


  4. What a beautiful letter to celebrate what you see in your girls. They are lucky to have your words to hold on to now and forever because you write!

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  5. My first thought – oh my, look how your girls are growing up! This letter will mean a lot to them now, reassuring in its simple explanation of a complex time and acknowledging that life is changed … that line about seeming a hypocrite with devices is searingly honest … but in the future, this letter will be of infinite value to them. Beautiful – straight from your heart to all of ours.


  6. Oh, yes! Today I wrote a funny one about my kids *not* working, but the truth is here, too: they are trying so hard, learning so much, doing so well. This letter is lovely & someday I hope your girls will treasure it. And thank you for reminding me to tell my boys again how wonderful I think they are.


  7. Such a beautiful letter to the girls. They are rising to the occasion. My favorite line was I see you because I do think you see the good in everyone!


  8. What a beautiful letter to your daughters! Everything you wrote could have been written by any parent. All our children have risen to this challenge of e-learning from home while also trying to balance siblings and parents all needing to share the same space, but also trying to be focused on their work. I absolutely loved this!


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