For maybe the last month or so, Rose has been carrying around her big sisters’ “gem” collections. Somehow, we have quite the collection of man made polished rocks in every color of the rainbow. Rose mostly likes to carry them around in a cup from the play kitchen, spill them from one cup to another, or just hold them in her hands. Some days she even wakes up asking, “Where my gems?” Where this love of gems came from, no one knows.

Tonight, as I sat rocking my not so little baby, I inhaled her fresh from the bath smell and whispered into her ear, “you’re my treasure.”

“You’re my gem,” she whispered back, surprising me. She doesn’t usually respond.

My treasure indeed.

10 thoughts on “Gem

  1. Sorry to repeat the word from other readers, but yes… this is a precious moment! My youngest (three years old) loves these gem collections, too. Love the weaving symbolism of treasure here!


  2. So lovely! I can imagine her pleasure in listening to the noise of gems in the cups, the feel of them through her fingers. And love that her sister is willing to share. And yes, that sweet smell of a child’s head. I still think that and she’s 24! ❤️

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