The stage was set. The final actors found their place on the stage, beneath a blanket in the big bed shared by all of Charlie Bucket’s grandparents. The lights remained dim and the audience, nearly five hundred students and their teachers, held their breath in anticipation.

The moment felt long…

Five weeks of reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as a school community. Weeks of rehearsals, Oompa Loompa music drifting through the halls during after school rehearsals. Hours of children painting scenery and preparing the stage. All of this hung in the air as the entire school community sat in silence awaiting our very first school musical to begin.


Finally, the stage awoke with light and the characters-now familiar to all. The show had begun. The crowd remained mostly silent, in awe, of what unfolded before our eyes.

This moment was worth the wait.





12 thoughts on “Pause.

  1. Perfectly placed pauses in the slice. They capture the wait. The anticipation of 500 people was captured in your carefully crafted sentence! Thanks for sharing! Oh an I agree, it was well worth the wait!


  2. It’s such a good show for kids to know, whether it’s watching or performing in it. The messages are all still so important. Someone once told me that people remember getting in trouble and school plays when they think about school– not much else. Interesting, right?


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