Observer to Active Participant

Our baby, Rose, turned 15 months last week. Somewhere over the course of the summer, she went from being a careful observer to an active participant in this crazy life of ours. Rose spent the first twelve months of her life studying us, mostly her older sisters. Sure, she’d laugh and play- but mostly, she watched life unfold around her.

Then, just like that, Rose became a full fledged player. Maybe it began with the application of sunscreen? Getting ready for the pool, on day one of summer, I quickly applied sunscreen to Wren and Adi. Rose sat watching. Then as I began to put the sunscreen away to move onto the next getting ready task, she began rubbing at her face and then her legs. “Do you want some sunscreen too?” I asked. “Yes, yes, yes,” she nodded ferociously in her very eager Rose way. Now, I know that I can’t apply sunscreen or braid someone’s hair without including Rose. If I somehow forget, she lines herself up and lets it be known that she will not be left out.

Rose’s participation doesn’t stop in the health and beauty department. No matter what her sister’s are up to, she’s ready. Drawing, reading, playing kitchen and babies. This summer, Wren and Adi have gotten really into bike riding. They love to strap on their helmets and take a ride around the block. Just the other day, Rose toddled into the garage to point to a lone helmet sitting on the shelf. Not only did she want to wear a helmet like her sisters, she wanted to get up on that big girl bike with training wheels and go!

There have been so many moments this summer that I have just sat and admired (my OLW) the little person that she is quickly becoming. Last year at this time, she was usually attached to me in one way or another, eating, sleeping, and occasionally waking to burp or poop. Now, she is a walker and talker. It’s amazing how much she has soaked up in 12 months time. Amazing is the only way to describe the development of children. Thankfully, Rose still slows down at least once or twice a day to let me rock her, snuggled in long enough to remind me that she’s still my baby.



10 thoughts on “Observer to Active Participant

  1. From observer to participant. Agree that it is a wonder to admire the development of child! But what I am left thinking is that baby Rose was born with the gift of observation. I think all children are born with this gift. We need to continue to foster this natural ability – observe to learn. Now that she is a participant, or at least yearning to participate, I hope she remembers that she can always observe to learn! Love this slice! Thanks for sharing!


  2. The adoration for your child is obvious in this post. Watching the littlest people grow into a unique person is rewarding. I’m looking forward to observing this process with grandchildren. My first is due in December.

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  3. First: How is it that Rose is already 15 months old? How is that possible? Again, the swiftness of time astounds me. I love how Rose is being her own advocate at such a young age, and how you’ve captured it so piercingly. An arrow straight through the heart. 🙂


  4. When I saw that you were writing about your girls I couldn’t wait to open up and read. I am always, always so richly rewarded by the warmth and care with which you describe your children and their interests. This post is especially delightful – being able to “see” Rose change before our very eyes. Thank you for generously inviting us in.

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  5. I adore hearing about your girls – and this story about Rose is so real, I can almost feel her change. The sunscreen story encapsulates her growth – can’t wait to hear that she’s biking, too!


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