Rooting for writers

Back from break

Jumping right into…


The teacher says, “it’s time for grassroots writing”

There is choice

Ideas bursting from pencils-

I call it joy.

Four boys at the standing table-

“What’s your plan?”

“I’m writing about cation.”

“I’m gonna write about extinction…”

“I’m writing about extinction too.”

*”Hi. I’m Eli. I’m writing about me and my girlfriend.”

Ear to ear grins.

I’m rooting for these writers.

*I’m trying out poetry for my slices this month but I can’t help but write a little more about Eli and his story about his girlfriend. He was so nonchalant about sharing his idea, so I tried to act cool and match his vibe. Once he got started writing, I checked in to see how it was going-really just curious about this little guy’s love story. He was already onto page two. “Can I read what you have so far?” I asked. Page one was all about a date, a spaghetti dinner.

“Does your girlfriend go to our school?” I probe.

He nods and grins.

“Is she in your class?” I ask.

“No,” his smile widens. “She’s in fifth grade… it’s a really true story.”

Oh, Eli!


8 thoughts on “Rooting for writers

  1. Oh, Eli! I love this story – it’s making me grin and grin. I love that they have a standing table and so many ideas for writing. And I love “Ideas bursting from pencils-/I call it joy”. Joy, indeed.


  2. “ideas bursting from pencils”! What a fabulous line! love the slice within a slice nature of this post. I love how spent time to learn more about Eli and his girlfriend – knowing the kids, the writers, is, of course at the heart of what we do! Thanks for sharing!


  3. A priceless slice of true life and love in kindergarten! I love how you were acting cool and matching his vibe. And the whole organic nature of this process – as it should be. Priceless.


  4. I am still grinning as I type … that age just does that to me. I’m so glad you put a bit of prose into your piece and share Eli with us. Favorite lines: “There is choice / Ideas bursting from pencils- / I call it joy.”


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