My Greatest Fan

Before I was a joy blogger, I was a food blogger. That was back before Pinterest and the internet took over meal planning and recipe sourcing. I used to get a bunch of cooking magazines each month and as I settled into my new role as homeowner, wife, working girl-I loved to try out new recipes and write about them. I haven’t posted on that blog since 2014. I haven’t even thought about it. But recently, my Dad asked me about the site. He had tried to find it he told me. He was telling someone at work about it. So tonight, I went in and cleared out the once purchased domain name, I reactivated my first blog: What She Cooked. I did it for my Dad because he’s my greatest fan. As a mom now, I get it. I love to share stories about my kids and their accomplishments. While trivial to some, I could watch Adi try to make a As that ends up looking like a Hs or make up the words to her favorite books, watch Wren gracefully or ungracefully dance away at ballet, or talk to my sweet Rosie in coos all day long. As irrelevenat as my cooking blog now is, it still means something to my Dad.

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