Every morning this week, on the way to Mimi’s house, Adi asked, “Does Wrenny have school today?” When either Wren or I would reply, she always said, “But I want her to stay with me.”

“Friday, Adi,” Wren would remind her. “On Friday I get to stay with you at Mimi’s. Only 2 more days!”

This morning, like clockwork, Adi’s voice came from the backseat. “Does Wrenny have to go to school today?”

“Not today!” I exclaimed. “You’ve been waiting all week for this. Wren gets to stay with you today.”

“It must be my lucky day! I love you,” she said turning to look at her sister sitting next to her.

I didn’t even need to look. I heard the smile on her face.

10 thoughts on “Sisters

  1. I hear the smile on your face,
    a million soft melodies
    of love, and as I tune myself
    into harmony, we sit here, quiet,
    the silence merely a resting point
    the notes.

    –Kevin, lifting a line for a poem as comment.

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  2. I hope they keep that. I’ve been looking forward all month to a slumber party next week with my three sisters–we’re in our 40s-60s and still best friends.

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