Let’s root for each other…


I once read about  family that had a mantra, something that represented their family and what they stood for. I loved the idea. I wanted a family mantra but I quickly learned that you can’t just adopt a mantra. I think the mantra has to find you.

I saw this image on Twitter over the summer. Something about it spoke to me… I think this may be my own personal mantra. I find that it just fits. When someone is having a tough day or struggling to understand, what’s better than knowing that there are people around to support you, that want things to get better or for you to succeed?

This mantra represents my hope and vision for the culture of our school. I want teachers to feel like they are supported in an environment  that they feel safe to take risks-to constantly outgrow themselves and to find that exciting. No one is waiting for you to fall down. Instead let’s look for ways to build each other up!

I want the same for students. I want them to know that we see them trying and that we believe. We believe that they can and they will and that we’re there to help.

That’s what I’m rooting for.

As for the family mantra, we are still trying a few on for size. Some recent contenders:

We share in this house.

We can do hard things.

Don’t drink the bath water…

I think we will keep searching.


Just this week, this image also caught my attention on Twitter. #6 especially.




8 thoughts on “Let’s root for each other…

  1. I love that quote: “Let’s root for each other and watch each other grow.” It speaks to collaboration instead of competition and the idea that we are all better when one of us grows. Thanks for this!


  2. My favorite….Don’t drink the bath water – good practical advice is underrated! I love the idea of creating a mantra together – something to repeat when the going gets tough or when you want to celebrate. I love the idea at school and at home. I’m thinking…..and definitely not going to drink the bath water any more!

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  3. This post really made me think. I guess it’s too late for a family mantra, since all my kids are grown and mostly gone. 😦 I wonder if they could come up with one? I also love the “root for each other” mantra. I might have to use that. Thanks for sharing!


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