Totally Reading.

I had four kindergarten readers sitting in a semi-circle around me on the classroom rug. We had just warmed up with sight words, cvc words, and a book introduction. “I think you’re ready now.” I had said, before passing each of them a book of their own. Their eagerness to jump in told me that were in fact ready.

I listened to Evan, coaching in occasionally, but mostly listening. At the same time, I had one ear turned towards, Gemma. When Gemma finished carefully decoding a page of text, she went back to reread. The second time around, I heard her add meaning to the words she was saying. I peeked over just as she surprised herself. “I totally read that!” she exclaimed to herself, her face erupting into a wide grin as she continued onto the next page.

I never tire of those moments when the kids in front of us put it all together and amaze themselves with what they can do. It also doesn’t go unnoticed, all of the carefully planned lessons, coaching, and observing that had to happen for Gemma’s teacher to know she was ready for this moment…to be totally reading.


5 thoughts on “Totally Reading.

  1. I love that your carefully observation skills allowed you to capture this moment! Ride the high from that moment! And keep doing what you are doing. Your slice shows great success in your efforts. Lucky kids because you take time to observe.


  2. That is fantastic! I am so glad you happened to overhear. My favorite thing about Kindergarten is their completely authentic joy for every bit of learning. I love this brief slice into the life of Kindergarten!


  3. You capture the pure joy of both teacher and student here! It’s the best to watch these children grow in skill, habit and confidence day in and day out! Thanks for the smile!


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