Green Couch

“Do we really need another couch?” Rose’s voice interrupts, letting me know that my call to my husband about my spontaneous purchase is on speakerphone.

A few days shy of the tenth anniversary of the death of my Nanny, my grandmother on my dad’s side, and a picture comes to mind. A photo of my me and my cousins, holding out babies, sitting on my Nanny’s long green couch. It was one of many photos of us taken throughout the years. I can still feel the itch of the fabric on the backs of my legs and see the tiny flecks of blue that freckled the olive green. Tiny crystal screw type things held the arm rest covers in place…sometimes. They always ended up on the floor. Couches nowadays don’t come with those covers.

I took many things from my Nanny’s house when items were being divided, before her house was sold. I have the porcelain animal figurines that I always admired, that lined my grandfather’s dresser. The Santa figurine that was a staple on my Nanny’s shelves, that spun as it sang “Santa Clause is Coming to Town.” I took my Grandmother’s rocking chair, the one that she had lovingly rocked her own babies, grandbabies, and greatgrandbabies in. When no one else claimed it, I couldn’t bear it not staying in the family.

The green couch went unclaimed. I have regretting not taking it for my own many times. But back then, we didn’t have a need or a space for it. But I have often thought of that green couch, not plush…or even really that comfortable. But I have wished to be brought back to the times where it was a staple in my life.

Last year, when we moved and found ourselves in need of some new living room furniture, I searched for chairs with a similar color or texture. I never found anything that quite fit the vision I had in my mind. We settled on neutral chairs.

Then, this past weekend, my mom called from some warehouse sale in a town nearby. “They have a ton of cool Anthropologie stuff. You should come check it out.”

My daughter, Adi and I dropped what we were doing and took a drive. I walked into the giant warehouse, full of cabinets, desks, and couches. My eyes immediately fell on a green loveseat. I walked over and let my fingers glide across the smooth velvety fabric. I knew I would be bringing a green couch home with me.

So, to answer Rose’s question, “Do we really need another couch?”

My answer is, yes. Yes we do.


8 thoughts on “Green Couch

  1. I love how an object can become so meaningful. You bought so much more than just a green couch! Thanks for including the photo, too. I can’t wait to see what photos of your current loved ones on this new purchase. Congrats!!


  2. Yes! Our needs for connection and memories are needs. I agree – you needed this couch. I hope it brings you all the feels in the coming years, like sitting in the lap of your Nanny and gathering with your family the way that she would have wanted you to do. She’s smiling because you are carrying on her legacy.


  3. I love the back story to needing a green couch. This slice could have started with the moment your mother calls you and you stop and just go (with kids in tow). The back story sets up the meaning and importance and story behind the green couch. Well written and I can’t wait to sit on that green couch and remember the story.


  4. The new green loveseat looks super comfortable. We need more color in our furniture. May you have many happy memories reading, writing, and enjoying family time and memories on the new couch.


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