I intended to write gratiku poems for my November Slices, and somehow Thanksgiving is almost here, and I haven’t written one…until now:

Ten days of sickness

Covid, flu, ear infections

Finally at school

I wrote that last night

Ear pain kept us up again

His turn to stay home


11 thoughts on “Gratiku

  1. Somehow you took the exhaustion and stress of prolonged illness and turned it into poetry. Beautiful. (Hope everyone recovers fully!!)


  2. It’s always amazing how much you can capture with so few words. The annoyance and stress that germs bring, the appreciation that there’s another there to take a turn staying home. Yes, even in the chaos there’s always something to be thankful for!


  3. Jessica, I Zoom in on Sundays to my childhood church, and the sermon this past week was on gratitude and being thankful in all things. Sometimes it’s so hard to do – I see you are fighting sickness. Since October, I’ve broken my right ankle and a deer hit my car (yes – he hit me) causing 4K in damage, and collision centers are backed up until springtime. It really helps to find the ways of feeling gratitude and thankfulness during these times, and I love that you wrote a Gratiku today to remind us of the power of positive perspective.


    1. It’s so sad and stressful. We got a flu diagnosis today and our second ear infection of the week! Just grateful we don’t have to draw straws on who stays home tomorrow! Sending healthy vibes your way! ❤️❤️❤️


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