Most are getting ready to adorn homes,

to light up the winter season.


We tucked underground,

to light up the spring.

The first spring in our new home, we anxiously waited to see what treasures would sprout from the ground. We were disappointed not to have any spring flowers emerge. This weekend, we planted about 200 bulbs in our yard with the hope that they will produce early signs of spring and bring some joy to the neighborhood.


8 thoughts on “Bulbs

  1. Those are the better kind of bulb…for the environment and for the soul. We saw some people planting bulbs this weekend. We were motivated for a few steps on our walk. Maybe this will re-motivate us. I love how this poem plays on the two kinds.


  2. Yay — you planted bulbs! The poem is a beautiful introduction to all the work you did this weekend! The reward for all you work will surprise you come spring — guaranteed smiles all around. Until then, let them rest, they’ve got a lot of work to do come spring.


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